A must if you are interested in genealogy...

"People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors" Edmund Burke (British Statesman and Philosopher, 1729-1797)    

As a genealogist we invite you to participate in Posterity Post by writing to your great, grandchildren, or others in the future.

By recording your thoughts and history for future generations you can be the catalyst that has them proud of their heritage and genealogy, and just maybe their posterity as well. What better way to leave something memorable for future generations than your thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and family history.



As genealogists we are all proud of our family history, and in tracing those that went before us... but how many of us actually think in any depth about those that will come after us... our descendants, along with their genealogical aspirations. To that end we simply refer you to the statement on the home page of this website...


"What would you think if someone delivered to you today a sealed letter written especially to you by a great, great, grandparent over one hundred years ago"

We would like you to think about this statement and complete this Posterity Post experience as a simple and high value way of achieving exactly that.

You can even GIFT a Posterity Post Experience to a friend or family relation so they can enjoy the experience also, and gain the collectability of Posterity Post and its unique limited issue numbered cover, and limited issue stamps.

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