"What would you think if someone delivered you a sealed letter written especially to you by a great, great, grandparent, over one hundred years ago?"


Every day people worldwide are appreciating and completing,
or gifting, this secure Posterity Post opportunity
for their family and friends."


Explore this  Posterity Post Letter Experience
now to see how easy it is ...

Posterity Post combines traditional mail services with high quality limited issue collector covers and unique Chatham Islands Posterity Post stamps, along with writing your thoughts to the future for inclusion in your selected cover. You do this simply on this site nominating your specified date for opening, and sent to be kept safe and sealed for the future, or future generations. 
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This site is ideal for older persons interested in genealogy
It additionally has a very SECURE payment process

Posterty Post is a definite investment

This experience combined with its valuable individually numbered unique collectable cover and unique Posterity Post stamps only costs
NZ$30 We are pleased to advise that any special cover design with any two of the limited issue unique Posterity Post stamps you select will also definitely appreciate in value with time.

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  Write a Letter for your Family
or Friends for Posterity

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What is Posterity Post
This is your chance to write securely for events such as future 21sts, births, marriages, or any event or occasion for that matter either while you are still living, or for opening after you have departed this world.
  An additional special, value added part of this '  Write a Posterity Letter Experience  ' is that your letter is:

1) Confidentially and securely printed and included in a special high quality individually numbered Posterity Post collector cover with unique Posterity Post stamps of your choice.

2) Cancelled and forwarded using traditional mail services by Chatham Islands Postal Services who are a very special small registered New Zealand postal operator from the official first place in the world to see the morning sun each day.

3) Notated with any future opening date and recipient you care to nominate.

4) Securely protected in an outer protective cover and sent to anyone you desire for safe keeping and passing on if required , and anywhere worldwide.


You can additionally easily ' Gift this Experience', or even include a special Chatham Islands note with your letter.

Explore the ' Write a Posterity Letter Experience  ' now to see how easy this is.

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Notes & Fundraising Opportunities
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Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund Cover
  quakecoveroption2   Issued by CIPS 1st March 2011 with advice to Council

Make a $20 donation  to the Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund and receive a special individually numbered Christchurch Earthquake Remembrance and Relief Cover  along with your name recorded with the Council as a valued contributor .  
Limited New Zealand WW1 Centennial Covers
No1 Cover c 
Issued by CIPS 1st July 2011 - signed Chief of Navy  

Register  for the 2011 to 2019 special limited issue signed commemorative cover set for the centennial anniversary
of  New Zealand WW1 associated events leading up to and during 'the war to end all wars', and until the formation of The League of nations is 1919. 
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